The Teacher Attendance Monitoring Works. “We Look Forward to its National Roll Out”

Upon the partial reopening of schools for remediation with students in examination classes on 1st July, The Teaching Service Commission (TSC), in partnership with Charlie Goldsmith Associates (CGA) UK Ltd, launched a pilot project to monitor teacher attendance in schools.
Friday, 7th August, being the last day for the remediation classes, marked the last day of the pilot exercise. Dr. Staneala Beckley, Chair of the Teaching Service Commission (TSC), visited Government Rokel Senior Secondary School, Tower Hill, one of the 43 schools engaged in the pilot nation-wide.
During the pilot, Mr. Aloysius Kamara, Principal of Government Rokel Senior Secondary School, has been recording the attendance of all 40 teachers on his staff list (34 on the Government payroll and 6 volunteers) electronically on a tablet. Each day he verifies those who are present, using their fingerprint or photograph, and records any teacher who is absent or leaves partway through the school day. He remarked: “Before this time, I will mostly get only 23 out of 40 teachers to be present in a day, but since this pilot started, we have had all 40 teachers present every day. This system is simple and it works. We look forward to its national roll-out”

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