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What is still to be accomplished?

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The TSC was established by an Act of Parliament in 2011, following the dismal performance of Sierra Leonean students at the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and the West African Secondary School Certificate Exam ((WASSCE) in 2008 which gave rise to the Gbamanja Commission of Enquiry. A major recommendation from the enquiry was the transfer of all responsibility for teacher management from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) to a semi-autonomous commission with an exclusive focus on teachers, with a view to transform teacher management and enhance the quality of teaching and learning. The mandate of the Commission as specifically prescribed in the Act is to `manage the affairs of teachers in order to improve their professional status and economic wellbeing and for other related matters.’ 

The Vision

The TSC aspires to be a Center of Excellence in the Management, Development and Oversight of the Teacher Workforce in Sierra Leone


Mission Statement

To ensure that adequate, professionally recruited, qualified, motivated and disciplined teaching staff are available in all Government and Government-assisted schools for the successful implementation of national Education plans and programmes. 

The Core Values

Conscious of the expectations placed on its constituents, the teachers, the TSC is committed to core values of Professionalism, Transparency, Accountability and Teacher sensitivity 



The TSC comprises the Secretariat, headed by a Secretary, and a governing board, made up of 15 Commissioners, including a full-time Chair, appointed in July 2015. Commissioners represent a cross-section of educational institutions

  • Teacher Training
  • Teacher Supervision
  • Teaching Force
  • Ministry Personnel

Teacher training courses and programmes have to be aligned and comply with the professional standards

Pre- Service – campus based
The TA provided supported the TTC to develop stronger pre-service courses in mathematics and literacy for primary grades, at the same time building capacity at all 6 colleges to develop other courses.
Pre-service – school based
Courses in mentoring so student teachers develop the school-based competences ( presently ongoing)
In-service of unqualified teachers
The TA supported the Distance Learning Units in the TCCs in the development and piloting of 12 DLE modules in the areas of math, literacy and pedagogy. At the same time building capacity of these Units to develop further courses. TA is provided in supporting the director of HE to develop a DL Policy
In-service of teachers
TA is assisting TTC in putting in place a system of Saturday competency classes; other partners have been invited to organize such classes. A first call has been launched
Professional Development Conference is being planned in September 2019 offering various sessions aligned with competences of the standards

Strengthening the system through teacher supervision by school leaders

Teacher Performance Management Plan
The TA provided support to the development a Teacher Performance Management Plan
School Leader Courses
• The TA provided support to the development of School Leader Courses
• These provide headteachers and JSS and SSS principals with the necessary tools to ensure that teachers in their schools are meeting the quality standards for professional development.
• The TA supported the delivery of school leaders course on teacher performance – Actually setting in motion a ripple of additional activities: private school network asking 100 of their school leaders course to be trained; Worldbank is interested in funding an additional 400 courses.
• Reaching overall 22.000 teachers
• By capacitating the TTCs this could become a course offered by the TTCs

An efficient and transparent management of the teaching force

Personnel records and payroll management
• The TA provided support in the transfer of the teacher records to the TSC
• TA in setting up a comprehensive payroll and teacher record management system is currently being provided (IT based)
Teacher recruitment processes
• A first study on current practices in teacher demand and supply was carried out, further support is planned to capacitate the TSC in forecasting demand and supply
• Promoting the teaching profession, through the launching of the professional standards a renewed interest in the profession; more targeted initiatives are currently planned

Job Descriptions and Performance Evaluation Systems
• This activity was put on hold because of anticipate changes after the elections
• With the arrival of the HRD Key Expert, consultations and discussions will take place in the coming weeks
Organizational development at district level
• With the recruitment of the additional district staff, this area is now prioritized.
• 28 TSC DO are currently being trained in the Professional Standards
• Procurement, budgeting and supply chain management at district level for DEOs, TSC DO, councils TTCs; training is being developed and is to be rolled out in April – May 2019

TSC SL Forum

This forum is to discuss general issues pertaining to the Commission and Registered Teachers. Please make sure you sign up to the website using your email address. Thank you.


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