Is it mandatory for teachers to be registered and licensed? 

Yes! TSC Act (2011) states:

  1. Without prejudice, it shall be the function of the Commission to…Register and License all teachers;
  2. Maintain and upgrade annually a register of all licensed teachers and publish the register in the Gazette;
  3. Vet all teachers’ qualifications and determine their equivalence based on a qualifications framework;

Who is qualified to be registered as a teacher?

  • Graduates from a three or four year teacher training programme;
  • Graduates with the following qualifications from accredited institutions: BA Ed, BSc Ed. B. Ed, PGDE, HTC, TC.

How to register as a teacher?


Pick up a form from any district office, fill and return

 How do I know I am eligibility to be licensed to teacher?

 If you are a new teacher you will be eligible to be licensed after a successful completion of your probation period and induction.

If you are a serving teacher you must meet the competency level for the license you desire as outlined in the Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders in Sierra Leone, declaration of physical and mental fitness and no criminal record.

Do I need to pay for my license?

Yes, here are the fees for the different licenses:

Licensing Fees

New teacher                           Le 200,000.00

Proficient teacher                   Le 150,000.00

Highly accomplished teacher             Le 100,000.00

Distinguished teacher                           Le 50,000.00

How often will I renew my license?

Licenses will be renewed triennially

What are the competency levels and how do I attain them?

  1. The New Teacher (after a year’s service) is a trained and qualified person from a teacher education institution who is engaged in professional practice for the first time.
  3. The Proficient Teacher is a teacher who:
  • Has successfully completed 50 credits of professional development training with a portfolio demonstrating evidence of the three domains of professional knowledge, practice and engagement as outlined in pages 59-106 in the Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders in Sierra Leone, 2017.
  • Has successfully undergone monitoring and some years of practical experience in teaching.
  1. The Highly Accomplished Teacher is a teacher whose performance:
  • Surpasses basic proficiency and reflects advanced attainments of progression from one certificate level to another (TC, HTC, BA …)
  • Must have successfully undertaken the relevant professional development training that reflect the competencies under the three domains – professional knowledge, professional practice and professional engagement as outlined in pages 59-106 in the Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders in Sierra Leone, 2017 with a portfolio demonstrating evidence of them
  • Must have attained additional 50 credits of professional development and would include the ability to supervise, mentor and provide professional support to other teachers
  1. The Distinguished Teacher is a teacher who:
  • Has clearly emerged as leader in the field and has become an authority and rallying point within and outside the school
  • Has a portfolio with hard facts or evidence of advanced professional development training of additional 50 credits as per the Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders in Sierra Leone, 2017 in the following areas:

* Leadership in professional knowledge

* Leadership in professional practice

* Leadership in professional engagement

* Leadership in professional organizational management and transformation as well as additional academic and professional certificates.

How will the teachers move from one level to the other in their career path?

Similar to other professions like engineering, medicine and nursing, teachers will be required to undergo competency-based assessments in line with the professional standards for teachers and after successfully fulfilling the criteria, attain the desired professional level.

What is the relationship between the competency levels and the designations of teachers?

The existing public service designations for teachers (assistant teacher, senior teacher, etc) will remain. The designations of new teacher, proficient teacher, etc. define teachers’ professional standing with regard to their level of responsibility and competence in the profession

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