Stakeholders Meet on the Digitization process of the Teacher Recruitment Forms (ED FORMS)

After months of consultations and working with the DSTI team on developing a digital platform to help ease the rigor and pressure involved in the current recruitment process of teachers, we have called you here today as our esteemed partners to share the outcome of this work with you and to solicit your inputs as you are all vital to this process”
remarked Dr. Staneala Beckley, Chair of the TSC as she welcome participants to the one-day review and validation workshop for the digitization of the ED. Forms held on Thursday 15th October 2020.
The teacher recruitment process (especially filling, reviewing, and approving Ed Forms) has been very overwhelming, as applicants are required to fill their forms in quintuplicates. To address this problem, the Commission is working with the DSTI to develop a digitized platform that teachers all over the country and approving parties can easily access for the processing of teacher recruitments in an efficient, fast, and most incredible way. Participants in the workshop were officials from the MBSSE, Sierra Leone Teachers’ Union, CPSS, NaCOHT, Mission School Heads, and TSD District Deputy Directors from all 16 districts.
As the DSTI Team presents the proposed processes in comparison with current processes, participants were pleased with the technological development and change the sector is undergoing.
“Looking at this platform in itself is good news for our teachers. We know there are going to be some challenges along the line for some of our teachers especially those that are not exposed to changing technologies, but this is simple to understand and I know our teachers will catch up with the technological development the sector is undergoing” Commented Mr. Alieu Deen Conteh, Assistant Secretary-General of the Sierra Leone Teachers’ Union.
The Commission hopes that by the start of 2021, all teacher recruitments will be processed digitally.

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